Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pill Poppin....

I am a bad pill taker. I didn’t take regular medication as a kid. Not even a multi-vitamin. I was supposed to take my vitamin, but it was gross. My hippy health freak father made us take “all natural” chewable vitamins, which means they were devoid of sugar, and tasted like..well..what you expect raw vitamins to taste like. All I wanted as a kid was to take Flintstones, but there was NO WAY my dad was going to buy those. Usually my vitamin ended up in the toilet. What a waste of money and needed nutrients!

Anyway, I never got in the habit of taking a multi as an adult. Then I went on birth control. Oh man, the necessity of remembering my pill everyday increased by about a million. At first I had to set the alarm on my cell phone to remind me to take it. For about a year I got good at taking my multi with my pill, then the multi- taking tapered of when I ran out of my bottle of vitamins.

After two years on the pill, I switched to the Nuva-Ring…love it, love it, love it. I don’t have to remember my pill, and the hormones are constant, so I’m not crying or crazy all the time.

So when my gyno asked me if I took a multi-vitamin I said, “Not with Regularity.” Then she asked about my calcium intake. I told her my best guess, and she told me I wasn’t getting enough calcium. Although she only asked me about dairy….I’m sure I get calcium from leafy greens etc. So, she told me I needed to take a calcium supplement. Calcium Carbonate with vitamin D, or she mentioned Viactiv.

I headed out on my lunch break that day to Walgreen’s to check out my options. Uh…there are like a million types of calcium supplments, and Viactive comes in like 40 variations of chocolate and carmel. Who knew!
Then I saw them….

The Adora disks that Tina is always talking about.
I grabbed them, and checked the price. $7.00! Ouch, that was a lot for how few there were in a pack, if according to my doc, I need to take 500mg each day to supplement what I get from my diet. But it got me thinking, I’m bad at taking pills regularly, so even if I spend 15.00 on a bottle that will last me longer, I will probably forget to take them.
And Adora? They are chocolate, in fact they might even be more chocolate than Hershey’s .(Check out Tina’s blog for that too!)
And they have less ingredients than Viactiv...which of course has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.
So I went with the Adora, with the plan to make it part of my daily routine, by adding it as “dessert” after lunch, every other work day. I’m keeping them in my desk. I figure that will make them last longer, and I’ll be getting extra calcium.

But….here is where I think this could backfire on me. They taste good…not as good as a delicious fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, but good enough to eat more than one.
This is a test of my binge eating recovery. Can I eat them, as I am supposed to, instead of like 4 or 5 at a time. (I realize that they aren’t candy by the way).


Meghann said...

I have the same problem remembering to take vitamins! I love the adora chocolates. I try to have one as my little dessert after lunch when I can remember. Apparently I am just as bad at remembering to eat chocolate as I am remembering to take pills :)

littlecalder said...

I am in love with my dark chocolate adora. One after breakfast every day (which is when I take my vitamins too, otherwise I'd forget) fits the bill nicely!

Allison said...

Yeah, I've decided I need to put the bag of Adora on my desk, or some place more visible, I STILL forget to take them, although when I do, I always want to eat two!

I have the dark chocolate ones, which I love, but I'd really like to try the milk chocolate ones as well!

*Kelly* said...

Have you seen those new commercials sponsored by the corn growers, trying to pass off HFCS as healthy? (In moderation, which is their tag line, of course.) Hillarious!

littlecalder said...

Oo, those commercials for hfcs make me so angry! I will at times yell at the tv when they come on.. I just hope that they make other people mad enough to stop consuming them!

I've tried the milk chocolate ones too. they're good, but just not quite as good as the dark. Plus they don't have all those healthy antioxidants in them, hehe.