Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new way of walkin..

So... I'm on week seven of not going to the gym in the mornings, and walking the dog 2x a day. I'm maintaing my fitness...but lately I've been allowing myself to get lazy and skip my pre walk workout video. My allergies have really been acting up, and that extra 25 minutes of sleep feel necessary. So...I've been trying the whole run/walk thing five times a week (I've also started keeping track of my daily mileage, between both walks/jogs) and then doing strength training twice a week. Today I was planning on getting up a few minutes earlier to to my Carmen Electra vide0-dont' judge! anyway...I wanted that extra I went on a "Toning Walk." With the dog in one hand, and my purple flashlight (it's pitch black at 5:40..gotta be safe, plus this guy is like a foot long and doubles as a nightstick)..I was off.

The flaslight is actually my husbands from college. I love to tease him about the purple color. but I digress. I started out with some fast walking, and then walked on my toes for 20 feet. I then went about 30 feet with one foot on the road, and the other on the curb, then I crossed the street to do the other leg, gotta keep it even! This was followed by (kept walking the whole time):
50 front arm raises on each arm with the flashlight as weight.
30 feet of high knees
90 bicep curls on each arm with the flashlight as weight,
and then speed walk home
I finished at home with a set of tricep dips on our picnic table bench.

It wasn't the same as doing a good heavy weights workout, but it def. added to my walk and got some toning in there. And my biceps are def. feeling it now!


littlecalder said...

i have one of those flashlights too, and i can definitely see using it as a weight! those suckers are heavy!

Allison said...

Little Calder-
I was skeptical at first at how well it would work, but after enough reps, my arms were DEF. fatigued!