Friday, August 22, 2008

fitting in your 5-7 a day

I just thought I would share the creative ways I had some fruits and veggies (ha) in the last week. I also did actually eat fruits and veggies in healthy forms as well....

So, at my office we have a blackberry patch that grows along our fence line, way back in the corner. Yesterday the office assistant and I picked some....and this morning she brought in vanilla bean icecream. This my what I call a 10am snack!

I didn't get to serve myself though, which was my plan...and I ended up with probably the equivalent of 1.5 cups of icecream! I used to eat this amount All.The.Time. Now, I"m better about portion control...but this? This was worth it. So delicously cool, creamy and aaaahhh.I could go on.

Then last weekend, as we were cruising past the beer section, on our way to dairy in the grocery store this beer caught my eye...
Does pumpkin in your beer count as veggie? I wish it did. In college there was this great brewery that had pumpkin ale that was out of this world. They usually only make 3 or 4 kegs of it, and it's usually gone in like a week. I was hoping this would be half as good. was good beer, but didn't have a pumpkin flavor at all.


Deb said...

That is very creative about how to get in more of the foods we need but avoid. Great graphics too!

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