Friday, August 1, 2008

long over due!

Obviously this isn't everything i've eaten since my last food update...but here is a little bit of my summer fare....

FAGE!!!! I nearly jumped up and down in the store when I saw it. NO ONE, carried this in the area until recently. The Total 0% was only $1.19 per container, and the 2% was like 2.00? Strange. Anyway..I mixed it with berries and granola and it was deliciously smooth and creamy.
Cherries! These were at the local discount store (Winco, I know it's called "Cub" on the other side of the mississippi) for only 1.20 a pound, and they are locally grown. woot woot! They were so uber sweet and such a beautiful color Like the color of my kitchen!
Carrots and Spicy yogurt dip. I saw this tip on Tina's blog and figured it would be a good addition to veggies.
It's plain yogurt, honey, hot sauce, and chilli powder. I think the original recipe called for cumin, salt and pepper as well. DELISH! And healthy! and adds protein to those veggies.what's not to love?

awww. I heart oatmeal. I was brainstorming this morning for Kath's creative oatmeal competition....I haven't come up with the winning entry yet..but I will. Honey is pretty much my new favorite add in. This is 1/2 cup quick cooking oats, the last of my plain yogurt, and honey swirled around the yogurt, with some craisins for the heart. I like eating this mixed together, and the way it is....dragging my spoon through the layers. Yumm.
My husband ate the last of my nectarines, that I was saving for my snack for I had to improvise. I deforsted some black berries, and mixed them in with plain yogurt. It was soooo tart! I mixed in 1/2 a packet of splenda.
Isn't summer fruit fantastic.

For our BBQ tomorrow, I am going to be making one of Picky Palate's creations. It's going to be DECADENT. Scott and I have decided we are going to buy one of those grilling grates for veggies. Yum, I'm looking forward to our bbq tomorrow!


littlecalder said...

looking forward to hearing about what you make, i'm sure it will be yummy!

grounded fitness said...

make sure you post pictures of your BBQ! I wanna see what you make!

Allison said...

Bbq pictures should be up tomorrow! :)

*Kelly* said...

I did the Fage happy dance myself last night at the grocery store. $2.00 each for the 0% I only bought 2. In addition, I found Shirataki noodles at this store too (it's a big box store like a Super's called Meijer, but I'm pretty sure they are only in the Mid-West...IL, IN, MI...) Anyhoo...I picked up 3 bags of those, and am looking forward to a heaping bowl of 40 cal pasta this week! (Anything to keep me out of a Whole Foods...I loathe that store with a passion! Trader Joe's is my all-time they have those in your neck of the woods?)