Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Oh my heck
I’m afraid to go to the doctor. Last year, in august, I had been working out for about 3 weeks when I went to the doctor. I had lost about 5-6 pounds. It was a new doctor, and she did my yearly exam. Everything was fine, until I had my clothes back on. I’ve never been nervous about going to the gyno. I would rather go to the gyno then the dentist. ANY DAY.
Anyway..I had my clothes back on, and….she said “We need to do something about your weight.” Or something to that effect. Insinuating that I was too heavy. Now…I will agree I was heavy for me at that time, I hadn’t been working out regularly and I was eating like crap. Note to anyone who loves junk food….never live next door to a convenience store. Just don’t do it.
Ok, anyway..I promptly said, I’m working on it..I’ve lost about 6 pounds so far. She asked if I wanted a prescription for anything to help with my weight loss. I told her no. I know that doctors do prescribe appetite suppressants, or diuretics…but I just don’t feel ok with that.
I’ve lost 20-25 pounds since then….and it’s time to make my yearly appointment again (running out of time actually) and I’m nervous to go back to the same woman. I’m afraid my weight loss/ healthy lifestyle change won’t be enough. And…because she did an anal exam last time….ok, thanks.Anyway…why am I letting a woman, whom I have met once, who doesn’t know me from Eve, affect me this way. I guess I shouldn’t say she is affecting me this why. She didn’t do anything other than what she believes her job is. Gah. I have to have my appointment….it’s important my health….and the status of my birth control


*Kelly* said...

I'm the same way when it comes to the gyno...but luckily my doc looks at the chart from my highest weight (which was 60lbs higher than now) and comments on that loss. (Granted that was 3 years ago!) Just try to point out the positive...that you have lost what you have thus far...and if she gives you any flack, just relish in the fact that she looks at poon and asshole all day, and you don't! =)

Alyssa said...

You are working on it and have lost even more weight since you last saw her! She should acknowledge that and be rooting you on. Weight loss is hard and the fact that you have lost weight, more weight, since your last appointment is a big accomplishment in itself! Pump yourself up and motivate yourself to keep going because you are seeing results, even thought they come slowly. Tis the story of healthy weight loss!

groundedfitness said...

thats the most disgusting un professional thing i have ever heard. I wouldnt go back to that doctor if you paid me. she handled it completely the wrong way.

First, she should have asked you IF you were already exercising and how you are eating: and then after that congratulated you for starting to work on it and then offer some more advice.

Although, I guess i should give her a little credit because doctors rarely mention weight- something that is frustrating in my industry. People will come in obviously obese on heart meds and cholesterol meds (so they obviously see their doctor regularly) yet they say there doctor hasnt even mentioned diet or exercise. lets just give you drugs instead of focusing on the CAUSE of it.

wow, that was a rant. sorry. BUT you gotta get your check ups!

Anonymous said...

If you decide to return to this doctor, I'm sure she will applaud you for the weight loss/healthy lifestyle you've created for yourself this past year.

That said, I have had like 5 different doctors in the past 10 years (not including ob/gyn). My current doctor I just love. I first met him a couple of years ago because my primary dr was busy. He was great and I asked to be added to his patient list. I say this because there is nothing like the security of knowing that your doctor gets you.

Allison said...

Your comment made me laugh SO hard.

Alyssa-Thanks for the positive comments and words of encouragement!

I enjoy your rants....!

Karen-I do need to get a regular doc. This is just me second yearly checkup since we moved here....I liked her otherwise....maybe I'll stick with her. And I'm glad you are back around the blog world!

Caitlin said...

i think your doctor is going to be very proud of you for losing weight! trust me, most of her patients probably put on weight EVERY YEAR and you are the plesant exception to the rule!

also, i kind of disagree with groundedfitness (don't kill me, kelly). i think it takes a lot of guts for a doctor to talk to patients about their weights. its an issue that should be raised, and its difficult to do it without making everyone feel uncomfortable... however, asking you if you need drugs to help with your weight loss is kind of stupid. doctors prescribed too many meds already!

Sassy said...

Sooo... I think that I missed the point of this post when you said she DID AN ANAL EXAM? Ummm...WHAT? She is your Gyno, right? I have NEVER have a gyno go near my pooper, thankyouverymuch.