Thursday, August 7, 2008

bbq remix

So Last weekend we had our bbq. The menu was:
BBQ chicken drumsticks (so cheap!)
Grilled Veggies
Pasta Salad (brought by my sister-in-law)
Potato Chips (brought by my mother-in-law)

I didn't get pictures that day, I always forget as I'm rushing around being I took pictures of my leftovers for work.
Here are the veggies with some cut up pieces of chicken.

yumm. We bought a grill basket for the veggies, and essentially stir fried them on the gril. The veggies( carrots, zuchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion and broccoli) were marinted in:
White Wine
Olive Oil
Garlic Chunks
Red Pepper flakes.
Very good! Wooweee...
The chicken was done by my husband, he is the meat marinade king. I'm not quite sure what was in the marinade but I'm guessing it was:
Bbq sauce
soy sauce
and.....the Lord only knows what else.
I think he also basted the drumsticks during cooking with plain bbq sauce. The bad kind full of HFCS.

But now for the good Part. Dessert. Crispy Carmel Brownies to be exact!

Ok, please excuse the terrible picture. This was actually the best one...I was probably in a sugar coma from these when I took it.

Look at the her blog...she does the most creative stuf ever.

These had from bottom to top:

brownie mix

caramel syrup

rice crisies stuck together with marshmallows and butter (rice crispy treats!)

all drizzled with chocolate ganache.

swoon. see the ganache on top..I had a hard time making it it was more like delish chocolate chunks....see that goey caramel looking stuff on the bottom of the bowl? double swoon.


littlecalder said...

whoa, that is one intense dessert! i can see why you were in a sugar coma, but those must have been fabulous!