Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, the shin splints are official. I ran this morning, and it wasn't too bad...but they have been sore all day.

My issue with this is...I don't want to quit running for some other form of aerobic activity. The fact that I can't make this easy really frustrates me, and makes me want it more. But....I know better than to injure myself.

I've been doing some stretches and exercise for my shins, and I think I'm going to look into insoles that support my arches.....And it is almost time for new shoes.

Also, "Fit From Within" showed up on my doorstep on Saturday. A few days early! I'm almost 2/3rds through it now. I think that I'm going to read it twice. Once through, and then once back through with a pencil to underline.
The book is organized into 101 chapters, with her 101 ways to become "Fit From With-In" they are very short. I've been thinking about taking the chapters that are the most provocative and journaling about them. Probably on here.


Anonymous said...

Shin Splints! Major bummer. Yes, stretch stretch stretch and get some new shoes. For me, going to a running shoe store and having someone fit me with shoes made all the difference.

I'm so glad you are liking Fit from Within and can't wait to hear more about it!

Lynn-e said...

Since I know you are in the Treasure Valley, Bandana downtown is really good at helping you find the right running shoes.

I went to a massage therapist for my shin splints - that helped a TON! But I also found that I tend to get them when I've switched to new shoes. Once they are broken in, all is well.

Have a good one!