Wednesday, May 14, 2008

so simple

So a while back I was checking out at the grocery store and I was suckered by smart advertising and bought a was one of those little mini mags (think the size of Prevention) only It's published by Martha Stewart ( I know, I know). I can't think of what it's called off the top of my head, but it's full of recipes. Anyway....I found it the other day when we were unpacking, and found a recipe for shrimp, pea and feta pasta. It looked pretty simple, and I didnt' need too many ingredients that would be wasted or would be out of the ordinary for I planned it for this week. At that point, though...I knew I wasn't going to make it with shrimp...but I didn't know what I would use instead.

So I went to the grocery store, and happened upon Chicken Sausages. If you read Kath's blog you know she has had these a few times in the past couple of weeks. Well, as a sausage and hot dog lover, I've been looking for them, but haven't been able to find them in my grocery store. These were near the other sausages, but with no other like them around...serendipitous. They are all natural roasted red tomato and garlic chicken sausages. Yum. They came in a package of four...and I figured they would be perfect in the pasta!

Ok, so my recipe for the pasta was-Adapted from Martha Stewart:
1 box organic 100% semolina flour pasta
2 chicken sausages
1 cup of snow peas (trimmed and cut in half on the diagonal)
reduced fat feta

Tossed with:
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 teaspoon dried mint.

The method:
Boil water for pasta...when it is almost al-dente toss in the snow peas.
While pasta is cooking-warm up sausages in a pan -they were pre-cooked.
When pasta and peas are done, drain and return to pan.
Mix all ingredients for the "sauce" and toss with pasta
Add in feta and cut up sausage.

It was really easy to make. Although, I didn't find it very flavorful --oh yeah I forgot to add that I lightly seasoned with Salt and Ground pepper. It could be that I cooked more pasta than the recipe called for. I just cooked the whole box, knowing both Scott and I would take the leftovers for lunch.
The original recipe called for fresh squeezed lemon juice, and fresh mint...i'm sure this would make a bigg difference. Also, maybe de-glazing the sausage pan and using that as "sauce" would add a bit more flavor.
But it was a great fast mid-week dinner. I also can't pass up any excuse to use our "pasta" bowls. My Aunts got them for us as a wedding gift They are shallow and have a great big tomato in the middle. If I remember correctly they are from Crate and Barrel.


Simple and Divine said...

Hey! I've read your blog so many times, but I just realized that I've never commented before! How RUDE of me! You're adorable and you're enthusiasm is so contageous!! I love the blog and totally will be coming back to read (and comment!) often! xo

Allison said...

simple and divine,
Thanks for commenting! Don't worry about being rude, i've stopped by your blog several times, and never commented!! :)