Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

Hooray for Earth Day! I try to be a good steward of our Earth, but I know I could be just a bit better at this.
Scott and I started recycling when we moved down here a little less than a year ago (we didn't really recycle in college, bad us, I know). We only recycle aluminium and tin though....So my "Earth Day Resolution" is to have a mini recycling center in the garage of our new house (fingers crossed, we should be closing next Tuesday!) a bin for plastics, a bing for paper, and a bin for aluminum, and tin. We should be good at this, as my husband works for a recycling company! Maybe we would be better if he actually worked in the recycling aspect and not the management!

Ok, enough about Earth day. Today is also my weigh in day. This morning I was down two pounds from last week, which is still up one from my lowest weight in february. Apparently my body was ready for an exercise routine switch up! I think I'm going to stick with this new plan for a while.

I have an interesting lunch packed....hopefully I'll get some pictures before I devour it!


Anonymous said...

Yeah on the two pounds! Isn't it amazing how just switching up an exercise routine gets your body going.