Friday, March 21, 2008


Hooray for Friday! My stressful/SUPER busy period is over. It's busy for me from now through the summer, but not like when I'm on deadline! Whew!

I'm hoping that this means I will have little more time to update!

I got to the gym again this morning, I did my strength workout from home yesterday. Yesterday I did the new Body by Glamour workout Month 1. It was very lowerbody focused, which is fine by me! My hamstrings are def. telling me that I don't work them enough today!

This morning I did 20 mins on the treadmill (about 6 mins running total) and the rest walking at a good clip, I then did 20 min on the ellip. I can feel my shins starting to hurt again, and I don't wonder if I need to try a different type of shoes (again). There is a Women's running store downtown, I really should get down there. Speaking of running gear, I bought a new Sports Bra! I had a gift card that I needed to use up to R.E.I, and I found what looks to be a pretty good sports bra for the Girls! I'm assuming that I will probably need to still wear two.

Still, I looks like a pretty serious bra!

It's called the Eveden Goddess Sports Bra.
I'm not going lie, I liked the name, and it was on sale! But for a bra that is orginally almost $50, I'm expecting results!

Anyhow....I've also been thinking alot of about intuitive eating this week, and paying attention to hunger cues.
My day typically goes like this:
5:20 alarm goes off....sometimes I'm hungry, sometimes not, but I ALWAYS eat at least a piece of toast with peanutbutter to fuel my work out.
7:40 finish at the gym, drive to work, HUNGRY
7:45 Eat breakfast
10:00 Eat snack....sometimes I"m hungryy
12:00Eat lunch--generally borderline starving
3:00 Eat snack-always hungry
4:15-Hungry Again-eat snack (this doesn't always happen)
5:30-Get home, starving, blood sugar is so low at this point that I have to eat immediately (a snack, even just a piece of bread with PB) that if i don't I can't go on. yes, dramatic
6:00- eat dinner--probably don't eat any more than I eat for lunch, maybe a little with tastes of dinner here and there as I make it.

and then..I'm fine.
I don't get hungry 2 hours later.....

And it's confusing to me. My father has hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and I know that I exhibit some of the same symptoms (the 5:30 hour), but I don't understand what goes on with my hunger patterns during the day. Yes I work out in the morning, but then I sit at a desk...ALL day. I really think that it might be in my mind. Ok, not that I'm insane, but I think that I get into a routine, and my brain tells me that it's 10:00am and I'm hungry, so I better eat.

I'm really trying to learn how to listen to my stomach, and eat before I get too hungry. Also, I've discovered that I have to have a high protein intake, and I love LARABARS, don't get me wrong, but with some of them only weighing in a 3g of's not enough to sustain me through, although everything I can find with 7g of protein or more are full of gross ingredients....except Kashi....hmmm....


Karen said...

I should really invest in a new sports bra too. Mine is at least 3 years old and I heard the usual life is about 6 months for those things. I applaud you for getting up in the 5am hour to go to the gym...that's dedication!

Allison said...

Oh man, if the lifspan is only 6 months, some of mine should have been dead and buried YEARS ago! I'll let you know how this one is!