Wednesday, January 23, 2008

today will be the day

Ok, I am comitting that TODAY I will take a picture of EVERYTHING. :)
Ok, my pre workout breakfast was half of a whole wheat hamburger bun, 1 tsp of peanute butter and a smearing of jelly. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to have half a humburger bun, instead of some toast.
My workout went ok. I'm hitting a "cardio boredom" wall. Today I did 20 mins walking up hill on the elliptical, and 20 minutes on the "cross training" program on the elliptical. And then about 30 crunches on the stability ball. I'm looking forward to my first Pilates class tomorrow. A note on Pilates later I think...

Ok, I am getting sick of taking pictures of this same old breakfast! It just works so well for me. I did find some whole wheat english muffins with out HFCS in the store yesterday...I might grab those and pair them with cottage cheese and fruit for a change up!

I also want to apologize for my short Welcome post to Skinny Jeans readers....just as I was posting, we had a minor "emergency" at work, and I needed to call about 20 people as soon as possible. Things have settled down now....and welcome again!


Anonymous said...

If you are getting tired of your cardio routine, a couple of my gym buddies and I are doing what is called the Monkey Bar Workout and it will really work you in a different way!
Charlotte has your blog on her blog and if you read hers on the great fitness experiment, this is our new and I must say FAVORITE workout so far. Everyday there is a new workout posted and it lasts for about 30 minutes and works your cardio and weights in one. Since starting I have been sore in muscles that I didn't even know I had and in the areas I really am trying to tone, my thighs and upper back and arms.
I to am an emotional eater and had to learn to do something else than to turn to food and once I figured it out I have lost a lot of weight. I know I started over 200 lbs and got down to 120, but put on a few when I was in a car accident last year and now I am at 131 and trying to get back down.
I changed my eating, and if you want some easy, but really tasty meals, try the South Beach diet cookbook (I didn't do the diet since I feel moderation is the key, but the recipes are yummy!) and the weight came off with the excerise.
I agree that you have to keep it fun or else you won't really do it, so try the Monkey Bar Workout, you can get all the info from Charlotte's blog, the great fitness experiment.
Sorry it is so long, but I know where you are at!

Allison said...

I appreciate your comments, and pointing my back to charlottes blog... I was reading through some of her posts, I'll have to check further into the Monkey Bar Workout.
Also, thanks for the pointers about the South Beach Diet Cookbook. I love cookbooks..So I'll def. check it out!