Wednesday, January 23, 2008

snacks, lunch, and sore muscles

Well, I don't know why I dont think of packing more protein for my breakfasts on days that I do cardio for my workouts..I'm always hungry by 10:00!
At 10:00I filled up my water bottle and had a pear. They are sitting on the water cooler in the breakroom, I just noticed this morning that the calendar says "Have a great 2008," So I put it in the picture!

My Lunch kind of occured in stages today. When I went back to the breakroom, my co-worker was using the toaster oven, and if you use both the toaster oven and the microwave...everything loses power. So I ate my carrot sticks while I waited a few minutes. It was nice to stand by the window and pretend that it was spring, with the nice warm sun coming through...too bad it's actualy 20 degrees out!

Oh right..I had this tea at 11am. I found some Tetley's British Blend at Winco..yum! So...because it's British..I had to have it with milk! I would say I put in about 1/4 cup nonfat milk. are the carrot sticks!

I actually ate this Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt with two little dollops of strawberry fruit only jam...about 30 minutes after the rest of my lunch. I ate my leftovers from last night..and wanted to take a walk...but I wasn't prepared for the 20 degree weather. Instead, I went to the closest book store and browsed the cookbooks! For reference this is a 9 oz container.

Ok, I'll admit it...this is the same picture as last night! It was left overs..and I was so excited to get it out of the microwave..that I forgot to snap a pick. My serving today had LOTS of veggies, a little tofu and some noodles. Even after my serving of yogurt...I can feel a little bit of hunger coming back in. The LUNABAR might come earlier than expected.
Also, my calves are SUPER sore! I woke up this morning and was thinking that my workout yesterday CLEARLY wasn't as hard as I thought, because I "wasn't sore at all" HA. just took longer..or the elliptical cross training program that I did this morning really did a number on my calves.


Karen Downing said...

You are an inspiration, keep up the good work!

Mamacita Chilena said...

Love the pictures! I just did a post like this's so fun to take snapshots of everthing we eat during the day, isn't it?!?