Friday, January 11, 2008

New Beginnings....

I'm still struggling to get into the swing of blogging.
I've given up on our old camera, and I think I'm going to purchase myself a new one...maybe this afternoon! After I get that up and running, I promise food posts will be more regular!

I decided yesterday, that I officially am giving up calorie counting, and I will focus on "filling food groups." I thought it was be easier to keep track that way, but in some aspects, it's just as complicated! :) I do think it will give me a better grasp on "total health."

So in that vein..I was STARVING yesterday. Truly starving, tummy grumbling every two hours! Apparently, whatever I was eating..was not doing it for my body. Today has been a bit better:

Breakfast :
1/2 cup oats
1 cup blue berries
small handful almonds

10 cucumber slices, 1 carrot stick (I stole these from my lunch, I forgot to bring my midmorning snack!)
1 mini crunch reese stick! 80 disc. KCal used up on this! The secretary at work handed it to me as "fuel" for my meeting. I couldn't resist. :)

I also just finished up a 16oz hot tea (English Breakfast) with 1/4 cup milk. And im not starving for lunch yet.
We will see how lunch holds me!