Friday, June 19, 2009

Dork Alert

So, I'm going to a conference in Salt Lake City in October.

I just realized that the conference site is ONE MILE from a WHOLE FOODS!

I'm super excited. Not because I think Whole Foods is the best, but because I've never been. I know it's super expensive etc, but i live in a town with out a Co-op, Trader Joes, etc. NOTHING! No Publix Fresh Market, no Earth Fare....i'm excited!

That same weekend i'm going to Reno for a Wedding...and there is a Trader Joes..i'm stoked for that as well.

And i'm a huge dork.

And getting super nervous for my race....TOMORROW!

Race coverage will begin tonight with packet pick up!


*Kelly* said...

I get excited every time I drive past my Trader Joes. You'll love it, guaranteed! (Trader Joes, that is. Whole Foods is just overpriced yuppie crap!)

Karen said...

Have a fun strong race! And Whole Foods is totally worth the experience.

krissie said...

We have a Whole Foods and I am obsessed. We drove by a Trader Joe's while we were in Tennessee a few weeks ago, and I wanted to be a dork and yell that we needed to stop, but I didn't. I'm still regretting that a little bit. But I would have had no where to put groceries anyway...)

Our Whole Foods has this cranberry tuna salad that is amazing. I'm getting ready to have it for dinner actually.

Thanks so much for your encouraging comment today, by the way. It's hard to be happy with the improvements I'm making to my health without focusing on the scale, but we try every day, eh?

Good luck with the race! I can't wait to hear all about it!