Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what happened in vegas....

Didn't stay in Vegas.

Remember when I went to Vegas with my girlfriends and had a fabulous time? the fabulous time lots of fabulous food was consumed. I knew that when I went on vacation I didn't want to restrict my self (like order a salad in a wolfgang puck restaurant!) but I didn't want to totally disregard my new healthy eating patterns. So....I ate what I wanted, in mostly moderation, and ate plenty of good stuff too.

When I got back, I didn't "get back on track"I hate that phrase..what is the track? Why do I have to feel like I got of off it? That gives my eating habits moral value, which they shouldn't have. Ok anyway, let's say that I directed my track on a little (going on five month detour) through Not As Healthyville.

I'm ready to leave Not as Healthyville...I would like to get back to Slightly Healthierville. The place where I ate more veggies and less (less, not none) desserts. The place where i made sure my breakfast had fruits in corporated into it. The place where I was really on a crusade to cut out HFCS and refined flour.

I've been auditing my eating habits the past couple of days...I know where I need to make I just need to make them.


Anonymous said...

Your Allison-isms make me smile. And I'm right there with you girl.