Monday, May 19, 2008

home alone...aka..why I don't have a food blog.

So my husband is out of town tonight on business...all day I've been trying to think of what to make myself for dinner..something he wouldn't like...
I didn't really want to go out and spend money on just one meal though, as we had quite a few leftovers to get rid of.

And then it dawned on me... Frittata.
Then something else dawned on me....I don't know if my pans (which were a gift) are oven safe. Damn.
So..i'll show you what happened...
This is what i look like in my new kitchen sweating my makeup off....our airconditioning needs to be serviced and it is freaking hot. But I digress.... I figured I would turn my frittata into an omelet. Now, I've never made an omelet..pretty pathetic for a girl whose Dad raises chickens...

The goods...Farm fresh eggs from my parents house..yum. This carton has eggs from several different chickens..notice the different colors. Garlic, Wine (yeah this was the end of a VERY big pour...which explains everything else) and yellow bell peppers.

Another shot of the dad sent us home with 3 dozen last time we were home. Yum. Store bought eggs kind of freak me out.

So I sprayed the pain with my lovely cooking spray.
And it was all down hill from there. I poured the eggs in, and put in solme crumbled up leftover bacon, from baked beans this weekend, put in the bell peppers, and greated some Gruyere cheese. This whole debacle actually started from my trying to figure out what to make with the Gruyere...'s didn't quite turn into an turned into an omelete scramble. At least that is what I'm calling it.'s 3 eggs, 1/2 a yellow bell pepper, 2 pieces of bacon, some garlic, and some grated gruyere...

And the close up, with a few bacon pieces for top, and more cheese. I blame it on the wine.

I had also decided earlier in the day that I wanted to make Tina's
Coconut Date Cookies.
I made them, and so did Kath. Great minds think alike! But they didn't turn out quite the same as Tina's, but they are still so. super. good.

I had one, still warm and gooey from the oven, over 3 dollops of plain yogurt. This was actually quite good...warm and goeey cookie, cool and creamy yogurt.
It tasted better than it looks here.

And the cookies themselves....

And this photography? This is why I don't have a food blog.

Seriously though, I'm not good with my digital camera. I'm actually quite proficient with an old (from the 80's) completely manual SLR, but this digital thing? uh no.
So thanks for going on my single for an evening dinner adventure.
Time to back the gym bag and get to bed!!
I went to the gym this morning, I'm going tomorrow, and then Wednesday I'm sleeping in my husband and getting up for a walk, probably with some more of the walking lunges!


dobetter said...

Okay, that omelet looks good! Seriously good. My secret for photographing cookies, stack them up! You can hide all of the's like turning a Christmas tree.

Allison said...

Thanks, the omelet was super good. And great idea for the is hard to get good pictures of flat disks!

Kelly T said...

i suck with my camera too.
so how come you hair is all shiny and gorgeous and mine just this weird thin yet frizzy thing?


mmm cookies.

Allison said...

My hair is the product of a lucky combination of genetics.'s all give and take...look at your arms!