Friday, March 7, 2008

Playing Catch-up

I didn't get a chance to post last night, but I have to work late tonight, so I'm going to post yesterday and today then.

Last night, Scott and I made the most wonderful homemade pizza..but I didn't get a picture! I left my camera at work, and on that note, I just realized I left my usb cord at home, so I guess i won't be updating from work tonight.
I swear, I'll get to it!

Ok, back to the pizza...I found pre-made dough from the store's deli/bakery in the refridgerated section last week, and decided I wanted to try it. It turned out pretty well, we also used homemade pizza sauce. He topped his side with pepperoni and onions, and my side had pepperoni, light onions and cremini mushrooms! Oh! come to think of it I brought a small piece for my late work snack. I will get a picture! It was fun to work on the pizza together, we paired it with red wine and watched the third Indiana Jones! It really made me feel like it was Friday night!

I got up for the gym this morning, and after sleeping in yesterday morning, combined cardio with my strength workout. I did "day 2" of the Couch t0 5k this morning. Running is much easier this time around. I finished up with body by glamour month 2 work out. I'm hoping to get a workout in this weekend. Scott is meeting up with some buddies at our local rec center to play basketball..I might tag along, pay the one time use fee and get in some more cardio. Or maybe i'll walk/jog's almost criminal to be inside when it's so gorgeous out!


Julia said...

Ohhh... that pizza sounds fab. I LOVE homemade pizza. Have a great week, I enjoy reading your blog... the photos are a great idea (and the food always looks yummy).

Allison said...

Thanks so much!