Thursday, March 13, 2008

pizza pizza!

Ok, so I LOVE pizza. Every part of it, the crust (yumm carbs) the sauce (tangy) and most of all..the melted cheese! Melted cheese is my vice. I CRAVE melted cheese when I drink any sort of alcohol. Obviously this is common or pizza chains would not be open until 2am.
But...anyway..I love pizza.
So I was in the store the other day, and I noticed this premade dough in the refridgerated section of the grocery store, between the cheese and pepperoni (weird). I didn't get it, but thought about it all week. Ok not really all week, but I thought about it. I bought some the next week..and it actually turned out really well.
So then I bought some this week..cause well..I love pizza and my husband loves pizza..and really it's so much cheaper to by 98 cents worth of dough, make some sauce (freeze the rest) grate some cheese...and spend 1 dollar on pepperoni. And I suppose, if one were TRYING it would be healthier for you too..well.I suppose "Real" food is always healthier than processed food, which we can assume comes from pizza joints (ok, not all of them).

Let the dough come to room makes it easier to work with...yumm smells like bread (aka..yeast).

Ok, i missed some steps, because I got a phone call from my brother, and Scott finished up for me. Which is why there is enough cheese on the pizza to kill a small horse. Also, I think it looks like more because it is bright yellow..oops forgot the mozzerella. My half had pepperoni *also more than I would have liked, and cremini mushroms. Seriously it feeds you for at least two meals...or uh one if you are we can be sometimes. :)


*Kelly* said...

What a gorgeous pizza! Very professional.

Allison said...