Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had this tangelo for a snack around 10:00am....and a non pictured hersheys kiss.

We had a staff meeting at 11am, that lasted until 12:40! I'm not a very "type-A" kind of person, until it comes to my eating schedule. I like to eat, and I like to eat at 7:45am, 10:00am, Noon, between 3-4pm and 6pm. I just like it, and my blood sugar levels like it. So, this late meeting, due to our day off tomorrow, really cut into my eating time! I was starved by the time we got I made a beeline for the breakroom..with out my camera. Which sucks, cause I had a new cool lunch! I am a geek. Ok
lunch: 2 mini bagels (super soft, and a little sweet) that I turned into sandwiches. Between the bagels I had Navy Bean Spread (navy beans mashed with olive oil and minced garlic) cucumbers, baby spinach and red peppers. Really Tasty, although the bagel was a little sweet for the savory taste. I also had my standard "veggie container"

For the second half of my lunch break, I jetted over to the book store, with the intent of looking at books, but got sidetracked by all of the Trashy Magazines! also, I had a medium soy latte....yum.

Snack was plain yogurt with some Kashi H2H.
Man, I was just in the middle of this post, and some woman came into the office and went on and on.
I was going to talk about my weigh in this morning, and my work out..oh well, maybe later.


Karen said...

Trashy magazines are my guilty pleasure! What was your favorite Starbucks coffee again? I think it was a tall vanilla soy latte? But not sure.

Allison said...

my fav sbux drink is just a Tall Soy Latte.
But...Starbucks uses Vanilla it's better. When they use plain soy (other places) I put a little bit of splenda in it!

Karen said...

Thank Allison! I"m going to try it next time I'm there.