Thursday, October 18, 2007

part of a complete blog

Ok, a more complete post now. I started a new mini ticker, to track my progress on losing 15 pounds. Not going for my goal weight, like my ticker on buddyslim.

Hey everyone! side note! It's love your body day! woot woot! LOVE YOUR BODY!

So, I took weights yesterday, it was good. I enjoyed the variety, and pushing throug when I would have quit. I also took an easier step class tuesday, it was good and I am going to continue with it.

Today I did 22 mins on the treadmill, 7 on the fit stride, and 10 on the recumbent bike. I just get soooo bored on the machines.Maybe plugging in my head phones would work. I've done 94 minutes of cardio this week. That averages out to 47 minutes per workout. I think tomorrow I will do another verision of cardio remix (that is what I'm calling using different machines) but include the stair stepper, and that machine that another blog calls satan. It should be interesting. Then i'll have all my cardio done.

I've not been doing great on eating intuitively this week. I've been overeating. I overate both yesterday for lunch and today. I'm feeling very full right now. blech. But not to the point of extreme pain, just a bit of discomfort. I am going to a bunco game tonight, so I wanted to make sure that I got lots of fruits and veggies intoday, just in case there aren't any tonight.
My goal (with out knowing what wil lbe served) is to fill my plate 2/3 with fruits and or veggies, and then some sort of protein and carbs combo. Hopefully more with the protein. With how full I am right now, I don't htink i'll need a south beach bar for a while, so my plan is to eat one about 4:30, since I wont be eating again until at least 6. Then, I'll bring another protein bar, just in case.